From Ivy League to Islamic Terrorism

From Ivy League to Islamic Terrorism

Islamic terrorist Mohimanul Alam Bhuiya, a long time Brooklyn resident spoke with NBC News earlier this year.

Killing Shiites is their motivation. ISIS leadership has stated that killing Shiite Muslims is their first goal. Everything and everyone else comes after that. Apparently, this “American” dude, Mohimanul Alam Bhuiya, left USA in order to join the Islamic terrorist organization, ISIS.


In late October 2014, the FBI received an unusual email from a Muslim American named Mohimanul Alam Bhuiya.

Bhuiya, then 25, had joined the terrorist organization, Islamic State, overseas. Now the longtime Brooklyn resident  and traitor was desperate and looking for a way out. He asked the FBI to rescue him.

I am an American who’s trying to get back home from Syria,” he wrote in his email, according to federal court documents unsealed last month. “I just want to get back home. All I want is this extraction, complete exoneration thereafter, and have everything back to normal with me and my family.”

He added: “I am fed up with this Islamic Sunii evil.”

From_Ivy_League_to_Islamic_Terrorism, which Legal has discovered to be Mohimanul Alam Bhuiya, despite the fact that his identity is redacted from the document.


Court documents indicate that prosecutors, at Bhuiya’s request, had been exploring the possibility of going public with his story.


You’re welcome, America.

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