Legal Criminals

Judge: Hillary Clinton Must Answer Written Questions in Email Suit

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan in Washington, D.C. ruled Friday that Hillary Clinton must answer written questions from a group that filed a lawsuit over her private email server. Lawyers for Judicial Watch, a conservative government watchdog organization, asked to interview her under oath as part of their Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Kingdom of Islamic Terrorism saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia celebrated the beheading of its 100th prisoner this year. The story was nowhere to be seen on Arab media despite the story’s circulation on wire services. Even international media was relatively mute about this milestone compared to what it might have been if it had concerned a different.

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Must Stand Trial Over Controversial Deal

France’s top court has ruled that International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde must stand trial in France over a 2008 arbitration ruling that handed 400 million euros to a politically-connected business magnate. Lagarde, who was French finance minister at the time of the deal in favor of tycoon Bernard Tapie,.

Excellent and Most Important Lawsuit Filed in District Court

A powerful lawsuit has been recently filed by our friend Mr. Larry Klayman. Mr. Klayman has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Jewish people, law enforcement officers, and others in America who have now become victimized by the unfortunate bullying and unlawful conduct of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and President Barack.

Transcript: Videotaped Deposition of Huma Abedin

Our friends at the have kindly provided us with the transcript of Ms. Huma Abedin’s deposition. You may recall, Ms. Abedin’s brother is a member of an Islamic terrorist organization, yet she has been Hillary Clinton’s top aide and lover  for many years. Enjoy: JW-v-State-Abedin-Deposition     You’re welcome, America.

Defense Contractor Employee Arrested for Selling Satellite Secrets to Undercover Agent Posing as Foreign Spy

A Culver City, California, man was arrested on Thursday, July 7, 2016 on federal charges of economic espionage and violations of the Arms Export Control Act for his attempts to sell sensitive satellite information to a person he believed to be a foreign intelligence agent. Assistant Attorney General for National Security John P..

Congresswoman Corrine Brown Indicted for Fraud

Congresswoman Corrine Brown And Chief Of Staff Charged With Fraud Scheme Involving Bogus Non-Profit Scholarship Entity Jacksonville, FL – Congresswoman Corrine Brown and her chief of staff were indicted today for their roles in a conspiracy and fraud scheme involving a fraudulent education charity. Read the official indictment here: congresswoman_brown_indictment Brown, 69,.

Protests Against Police Brutality Ends in Fatalities

Dallas (AP) — Multiple media outlets report that shots were fired Thursday night during a Dallas protest over two recent fatal police shootings of black men. As of 12:26 AM (EST), four police officers have died as a result of being shot during the Dallas protest. The gunfire broke out.

Stupid Canadian Judge May Lose Job

The Canadian judge who asked a rape victim why she “couldn’t just keep her knees together” could lose his job. In an inquiry slated for September, a five-person committee will evaluate whether federal Justice Robin Camp is still fit to hold office after his shocking comments during a 2014 rape.

House Speaker thinks Clinton should be barred from information access

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Hillary Clinton was “reckless” in handling classified materials on her private email server and should be denied access to classified materials during the general election campaign. Speaking during a press conference Tuesday morning, Ryan said it “looks like” Clinton received preferential treatment from the FBI.